For more than four decades, KAMAT GmbH & Co. KG established a reputation as a leading international supplier of API 674 high pressure pumps, pump packages, complex systems and accessories. KAMAT serves global end users in process applications offshore, chemical applications onshore as well as stress tests for pipelines. Rely on KAMAT for reliable high-pressure transport of aggressive fluid mediums at a reasonable cost.


K Series High Pressure Pumps

KAMAT’s high performance process pumps are volumetrically exact making them ideally suited for rigorous chemical and petrochemical applications.  These pumps safely inject a variety of fluid mediums from viscous, corrosive, multi-phase, abrasive and hot to cold. Whether designed and built as a package solution or as a single pump, KAMAT fulfills the demands of the industry.  The modular design system for process pumps allows for specific features such as liquid sealing, liquid monitoring, cooling circuits and heating devices.

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Design Features

  • Pressures up to 50,000 PSI
  • Flows up to 1242 GPM
  • Power input up to 2000HP
  • API 674 Compliant, ATEX, MA, Gost, ISO 9000 & DMV
  • Mount Vertically or Horizontally
  • Variety of Sealing Options
  • Compact Footprint
  • VFD Optimized
  • Modular Designs
  • PLC Controlled Option – Touchscreen, Data Transfer, GPS and cellular connectivity
  • Gearbox – Low Noise, Vibration and Maintenance
  • Gearbox – Double Helical Gears, Drop Forged Crankshaft, No Axial Forces, Long Bearing Life
  • Particulate Tolerant – 100µm Filtering Standard and up to 350µm
  • Maintenance in Place by Low Skilled Workers
  • Minimal Wearing Parts – Interchangeable between suction, discharge and pump sizes
  • No Need to Remove Pumphead to Service
  • No Need to Drain Oil to Service Gear End

Common Applications

  • Methanol Injection
  • Glycol injection
  • LDHI Injection
  • Hydraulic Installations
  • Amines Processes
  • Pipeline Stress Testing
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Gas Washing Plants
  • Seawater
  • Polyol Pressing
  • Crude Oil Injection
  • Fuel Injection
  • Desulfurization of Natural Gas
  • High Pressure Homogenization - up to 3500 bar