Manufactured to the highest quality standards, CoorsTek’s wide range of FlowGuard bladder type pulsation dampeners remove pulsations, vibrations and noise caused by positive displacement pumps in fluid systems. Use of these devices economically improves instrument readings, increases pump life, reduces maintenance costs and protects instrumentation.


FG & FD Series Pulsation Dampeners

The superior, uncomplicated and efficient design of the FlowGuard FG Series pulsation dampener designs ensure levels of performance unmatched by traditional adapted hydraulic accumulators.  The basic, yet rugged construction makes them economically priced and easy to maintain.

Design Features

  • Pressures up to 15,000 PSI
  • 316 SS Construction - special alloys on request
  • Unrestricted inlet port (no poppet valve) for improved efficiency
  • One piece molded membranes in 10 different materials
  • Welded flange, BSP or NPT threaded connections
  • Simple gas charging system
  • In-line design option with choice of dual port orientation
  • ASME coded upon request – other certifications available


  • Removes pressure fluctuations and surges
  • Stops vibration and shaking of pipes
  • Ensures a continuous, steady flow
  • Reduces noise
  • Reduces overload on pump motors and gearboxes
  • Prevents pump over-delivery

Common Applications

  • For use with all positive displacement pumps
  • Offshore chemical injection
  • Onshore metering and dosing
  • Boiler feed