Hammelmann’s API 674 high pressure process pump design sets the standard for methanol, LDHI and glycol injection as there is no equal. Hammelmann’s process pump with vertical configuration and labyrinth sealing systems, reliably moves all types of mediums including challenging applications like dangerous or non-luberous fluids.


HAMPRO Pump Series (API 674)

The Hammelmann high pressure pump design is unrivaled in the marketplace due to their exclusive emission free labyrinth sealing system and comp­­act vertical arrangement. Because dry, non-luberous fluids like Methanol destroy traditional packing, Hammelmann’s unique sealing system that contains no high pressure packing is well suited for continuous or intermittent duty. Leakage is controlled through the sealing system where process fluid is first used to cool the plunger and parts before being directed back to the suction chamber for a an emission free solution. These high pressure pumps serve a broad array of other applications in the chemical, petro-chemical, oil and gas industries including: Sea Water, Produced Water, Ethylene Production, Hydraulic Power Units (HPUs) / Blow Out Preventers, (BOPs) and many more.

Design Features

  • Labyrinth Sealing System
  • Vertical Arrangement
  • Triplex, Quintuplex and Septuplex Designs
  • Extensive Performance Range
  • High Mechanical Efficiency
  • Electric and Diesel Configurations
  • Fixed or Variable Speed Drive
  • Integrated Helical Gear Reducer
  • Flows: to 788 GPM
  • Pressures: to 60,000 PSI
  • Pump Skid Fabrication
  • Mobile Pumping Units


  • World-wide Operations and Service Centers
  • Fully Automated Parts Inventory System
  • Parts Standardization across the range
  • Simplified Maintenance
  • Compact Footprint

Common Applications

  • Methanol
  • Glycol
  • LDHI
  • Hydraulic Fluids
  • Seawater
  • Produced Water
  • Asphaltene Inhibitor
  • Paraffin Inhibitor
  • Corrosion Inhibitors
  • Methacrylic Acid
  • Vinyl Acetate
  • Methyl Acrylate
  • Ethyl Hydrogen Maleate
  • Demulsifiers
  • Oxygen/H2S Scavenging
  • Polyelectrolytes
  • Scale Inhibitors