Cindy Nadiger
January 25, 2017


Various chemicals are injected into deep water wells to prevent corrosion, paraffins, hydrates, and scale. The flow rates for the injection are generally very low and need to be metered precisely to prevent under or over-dosing.

TASI Products Supplied

  • VFF series LF03, LF05, and LF15 by LitreMeter
  • HM Turbines HM-007 and HM-009/TC-AC/S-EX by AW Turbine Meters


As oil exploration moves into deeper water and deeper reservoirs, new challenges arise that put available technology to the test. The newest development involves reservoirs that reach pressures up to 20,000 PSI. Injecting chemicals in deep wells at that pressure will overcome the force of the oil flowing up the umbilical.


Through the TASI Flow portfolio, we identified solutions for this unique chemical injection challenge. Positive displacement meters from LitreMeter were selected for their ability to measure ultra-low flow rates and for their flexible materials of construction allowing for the use of high tensile strength steel to achieve the 20,000 PSI pressure requirement. For the methanol and LDHI applications, the high pressure HM turbine line from AW was used for its ability to measure very non-lubricating fluids at higher flow rates while also attaining the desired pressures. The hazardous area location of these meters also required that all electrical components be certified. Because of the close cooperation in development between AW and LitreMeter, as well as all other TASI Flow brands, we were able to offer a single type of user interface for the meters. Using LitreMeter’s FlowPod transmitter in conjunction with the AW HUB-40EX pickup added a uniformity to the installation of all meters on the chemical skid.


This is the first of what we anticipate to be many projects heading to locations with reservoirs up to 20,000 PSI. In the near future, equipment manufacturers who wish to participate in this segment of the market will have to focus on new product development to produce technology that will keep pace with industry demand. TASI Flow’s ongoing innovation and ability to customize will allow their portfolio of brands to continue serving the constantly changing O&G production environment.

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